Sahasrara offers the idyllic situation for retreats, residential courses and holidays. For people who love nature and beautiful scenery, in a warm, friendly atmosphere for groups of up to sixteen people. More than just a holiday this is a place to relax away from modern city life and invest valuable time in yourself. Surrounded by national park and mountains you can take advantage of country walks, the laid back village lifestyle, historic sites and locally grown and artisan produce.

Our accommodation, meals and services are facilitated by ourselves and available for weekly and weekend retreats. Whilst offering yoga retreats we are open to other course activities and holidays that compliment our space and situation. Alternate activities, treatments and excursions are available on request, or just relax and enjoy the space and meals provided to re-energize and regain some tranquility and harmony in your life. The finca is in constant evolution with new areas and activities being added all year round.

We have cultivated our own "huerta" to grow all our own produce organically which can be used to practise various meditation techniques. Likewise we continue to develop the communal and living areas with pergolas and gardens of interest. The gardens themselves evolved from the need to propo gate plants that can withstand extremes of temperatures and survive on the minimum of water, we think we have been successful with the diversity and abun dance of colour within our gardens.

The house and the outbuildings were built with many reclaimed materials from mahogany flooring from a church in Lancashire to antique Spanish doors from the 18th century in this way we intended to create a haven of continuity and stability.